From the desk of: Lukas Van Vyve, co-founder of Spring Languages, creator of the Conversation Based Chunking method

Hola, Spanish enthusiast!

¡Felicidades! You're here, which probably means:

  • you are a serious Spanish student;
  • you don't want to be translating in your head anymore while speaking Spanish...
  • you sometimes struggle with grammar rules, verb conjugations… 
  • you want to take your Spanish to the next level instead with a structured Spanish course....
  • and I assume you'd like to have fun in the process too!

Good news: we have just the Spanish course for you ;)

And if it's ok with you, I'd like to take a couple of minutes to show you what exactly is included in our brand-new story-based Spanish course, called Los cazadores de tormentas (the storm chasers).

¿Te parece bien? (Sound good?)

Let's take a look...

Los cazadores de tormentas (The storm chasers)

A gripping audio-based story course that keeps you engaged and motivated while teaching you all the chunks you need to speak fluent Spanish

Los cazadores de tormentas is a radionovela. A radionovela is like an audio-based soap opera, a bit like a narrative audiobook in Spanish. 

It’s a super popular format in Latin America. 

Like every soap opera:

  • it consists almost entirely of casual conversation and dialogue (which is the BEST source of chunks)
  • it’s addictive (so you stay committed)
  • AND full of cultural references (so you not only learn the language, but also about the people who speak it). 

Of course, like with every radionovela, there’s a gripping story:

Los cazadores de tormentas” (the storm chasers) tells the story of Peter, a clumsy storm chaser from Texas who moves to Mexico in the hope of finding a mythical, once-in-a-lifetime storm, but gets entangled in a storm of drama, fun, passion, and love for the Spanish language and its speakers instead. 


Listen to a sample from the first course unit:

This isn’t just a random story…

We didn’t just make a random radionovela story. This is a language course, so we made sure all the useful conversation topics for Spanish learners are covered as part of the story:

  • travel situations (flights, taxis, checking into a hotel… you name it, it’s in there.)
  • meeting new people and introducing yourself
  • visiting restaurants (and ordering that delicious food and amazing drinks)
  • romance (of course)
  • work-related vocabulary
  • family vocabulary
  • and much more!

We also adapted the conversations to “student level”… and then added our secret Spring Languages sauce:

We turned it into a Conversation Based Chunking powerhouse that’ll help you see, identify and imprint chunks everywhere!

That's right: the method we use in our Spanish YouTube lessons, and that we've used to teach thousands of students other languages too, like German, English, French, Italian, and that can help you learn Spanish double as fast as traditional "words and grammar" learning.

(More on that in a second.)

Conversation Based Chunking in a nutshell

Chunking can help you learn Spanish double as fast as traditional (words and grammar) language learning

Quote from Dr. Gianfranco Conti, PhD in Applied Linguistics

The cherry on top...

If all of that wasn't enough, here's one final benefit (and why we decided to write this story in the first place):

Like with every good story, you get emotionally invested in the characters.

You want to know what happens next… so you can’t help but learn Spanish! No more “mustering motivation” or “making yourself sit down and do boring study sessions”. It's fun, and addictive!

Bring all of this together, and you get an explosive combination.

Just imagine this:

We’ve engineered this addictive story so many of the most important chunks appear repeatedly throughout the dialogues.

So as you listen to the episodes (which you'll want to do anyway because you want to know what happens next)...

You get automatic repetition of important chunks in Spanish so they get imprinted on your brain.

Then you use the rest of the Conversation Based Chunking materials (that I'll tell you about in a second) to memorize the chunks...

And you'll notice you'll start hearing those chunks everywhere, AND they're rolling off the tongue when you want to speak Spanish!

Like our main character Peter, who's a cazador de tormentas (storm chaser) always on the lookout for tornados, you'll become a cazador de chunks (chunk chaser), always on the lookout for chunks (which you'll start seeing and hearing EVERYWHERE!)

Wouldn't it be cool to learn Spanish that way?

I definitely wish I had this course when I started learning Spanish!

Everything you get with in Los cazadores de tormentas - temporada 1: Nuevos comienzos

Important: Which level is this for?

Because each dialogue contains real conversation, both beginners, intermediate, and high intermediate students will learn a lot from it.

Note: If you're a complete beginner, the dialogues might be a bit challenging, which is why we've included a bonus for you: a "Spanish Foundations" course that helps you learn Spanish from scratch and prepare you for the Cazadores de tormentas dialogues! More on that (and all the other bonuses you’re getting) in a second!

By the way: from what we've seen with our students who use our structured courses, it's not uncommon to make more progress in our twelve-week chunking courses than others make in 12 months. Like our student Brian:

1. 12 weeks of Spanish conversations, chunks, fun, intrigue

So far, we've released the first season of Los cazadores de tormentas, called "Nuevos comienzos" (New beginnings).

That first season is set up as a 12-week challenge, with an intro week and then 11 "episodes", each containing 3 dialogues. That's a LOT of content to digest in a foreign language! We know you can do it, though, and in a moment I'll show you how we'll support you.

Again, the story is engineered to be full of useful dialogues for Spanish students on topics like:

  • travel situations (flights, taxis, checking into a hotel… you name it, it’s in there.)
  • meeting new people and introducing yourself
  • visiting restaurants (and ordering that delicious food and amazing drinks)
  • romance (of course)
  • work-related vocabulary
  • family vocabulary
  • and much more!
CdT Curriculum

2. Conversation Based Chunking Powerhouse: The only course specifically designed for learning Spanish with chunks

As always with Spring Spanish, you'll be learning with Conversation Based Chunking.

Here's how we've designed Los cazadores de tormentas to make sure you absorb the most chunks possible and can use them right away in conversations:

A Conversation Based Chunking pack with each lesson

Every episode contains 3 lessons (you get 33 lessons in total, + some introductory modules with monologues for each main character), and comes with the following materials:

  • Downloadable audio for you to listen to over and over again, on your commute, at home, while doing chores, while walking,... wherever you want. This is a studio-produced, professional mp3 with native-speaker audio and voice actors from different Latin-American countries so you get to practice listening to different accents (and it'll be easier for you to understand people from different countries in your daily life or in series and movies)
  • The chunks are highlighted so your brain immediately notices the important ones (and you'll remember them more easily)
  • There's a parallel translation in English so you know exactly what every sentence (and chunk) means
  • There are Quizlet flashcards for each lesson with the most important chunks, so you can imprint the chunks on your brain with a flashcard app, wherever and whenever you have a couple of spare minutes.
  • We've added lesson notes with grammar explanations and references to all our videos which you can watch if you want some extra explanation to internalize grammar concepts (AND you now have structured guidelines about the best order to watch our YouTube lessons!)

The amazing part...

Once again, let me stress the benefits of learning with a story-based course.

EVEN if you don't use all of the other materials...

Even if you don't even open the flashcards or the lesson notes, or watch any of the explainer videos...

We've created this course in a way that if you would just listen to Los cazadores de tormentas over and over again (which will be fun, because the characters and story are fun)...

You'll STILL be absorbing so many useful chunks and cultural knowledge, and your listening comprehension will improve so much, you'll feel like your Spanish is improving on autopilot! 

You get lifetime access to all materials so you can learn, pause, continue whenever you want

Finally, another fact you'll be pleased to hear: 

You get lifetime access to all the materials, and they're all downloadable, so you can learn wherever, whenever you want, you can take breaks if you get busy or life gets in the way and pick up your studies again later on!

CdT Lesson Walkthrough

3. Lifetime access to the "Chunk Chaser" Community, Accountability, Mentorship: Everything you need to stay on track with your studies.

Here's what I can guarantee: if you go through the entire Los cazadores de tormentas course as intended, and you use the materials as we lay them out for you, you'll make enormous progress.

Pero seamos honestos (But let's be honest): We all fall off the bandwagon once in a while.


Of course, the Spring Spanish team will do everything to keep you on track! 

That's why, when you join Los cazadores de tormentas you automatically become a lifetime member of our Chunk Chaser Community. Los cazadores de chunks, if you will.

Because everyone who goes through this radionovela will automatically start looking for chunks everywhere they go...

Here's what access to this Chunk Chaser Community gets you:

  • Weekly Group practice calls: our tutors will answer all your questions live, you can learn from other people's questions, and if you want, you can come on screen and practice your Spanish with us!
  • Spanish Tutors to answer any questions you have about Spanish and beyond (in the forum)
  • Belonging: Being and communicating in a group of other passionate language learners, who are more or less at the same level, have the same interests, who go through the same struggles and victories as you do.

The best part: For many students, learning Spanish becomes a lifelong project (and a lifelong source of joy). We'd love to be with you every step along that journey… so you get lifetime access to the community and the group practice calls! 

So even if you take a bit longer to finish the Challenge, or you just want to keep in touch with us and the other students, we'll be here for you.

In sum: finish Los cazadores de tormentas, notice Your Progress and Impress Spanish Speakers!

In sum: finish Los cazadores de tormentas, notice Your Progress and Impress Spanish Speakers!

If you go through Los cazadores de tormentas until the final episode, you’ll make some pretty incredible progress.

Remember Brian, the guy who used Conversatio Based Chunking in his own 3-month challenge and said that it felt like he did a full year of Spanish study in just 3 months?

Well, it might be just like that for you too!

Now imagine for a second that you've finished the entire season of Los cazadores de tormentas (in 12 weeks, or shorter if you couldn't wait to find out what happened next, or a bit longer if you took it slow)...

You've listened to all the episodes and went through the transcripts with highlighted chunks...

You've imprinted the most important Spanish chunks on your brain with the flashcards...

And you might even have watched all the complementary explainer videos with our teachers...

After doing all that, here's what will have happened to you:

  • Your listening comprehension will have massively improved, so you'll understand native speakers much more easily.
  • You’ll have learned thousands of chunks. A lot. Not just random words or grammar rules, but actual vocabulary that you can use immediately in sentences!
  • You’ll have the chunks imprinted on your brain and they’ll roll off the tongue in conversations. No more clumsiness, no more guessing!
  • You’ll have added a new “Spanish Dimension” to your life: the Spanish-speaking world has opened up to you!
  • You’ll have created rock-solid language learning habits! 3 months of consistent studying, immersing, doing flashcards, listening, has a transformational effect on you.

You’ll be skilled in Conversation Based Chunking™ and it’ll give you the confidence that you can take on ANY language. Over and over again!

So What Is Speaking Fluent Spanish Worth to You?

You could go for a university course. I've done some quick research, which revealed this can easily cost $50,000 / year (depending on where you are in the world).

Or you could hire a private tutor and get weekly tutoring sessions. Such a tutor will easily cost you $50/h; suppose you do 2 sessions a week, that will set you back $1200 for 3 months .

Now here’s the thing: while we believe that an investment from your side is actually a good thing to give yourself the proverbial kick in the butt and take action, mastering Spanish...

Connecting with Spanish culture and chatting away with native Spanish speakers doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Moreover, it doesn’t have to be boring, difficult, and it certainly doesn’t have to take away all your time!

A Special Opportunity For You...

You can get access to the full Los cazadores de tormentas course with all the extra materials and lifetime community access right now for just $297.

That's right. There are 7 billion people on this planet. 450 million native speakers of Spanish.

And for $297 (+ tax, if applicable) you can now start to speak fluent Spanish and communicate with ALL of them…

So when you're ready to get started on your path to Spanish mastery with us, just choose an option from the pricing overview below.


Click Enroll Now, enter your details and you're all set! You'll be redirected to a page where you can change your password and you'll have instant access to Los cazadores de tormentas and the community so you can immediately chat, learn and practice your Spanish with our tutors and other students.

(Prices might include tax, if applicable)

Unconditional 21-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Here's the deal: We're working closely with the participants in this 12-Week Spanish Challenge to make sure we can really help them reach their language learning goals with relevant resources, coaching, support, guidance etc.

We're confident you’ll make great progress, and we want this to be a risk-free decision for you.

That's why you get 21 days to check out the program, attend the live sessions and get started with your lessons, and if after 21 days you feel that you’re not making the progress you wanted, you let us know and you’ll get a full refund!

Sign up now to try it out risk-free!

LIMITED-TIME OFFER: Enroll Now to Get Access to All These Amazing Bonuses As Well!

BONUS #1: Spring Spanish Foundations Course

We decided to create a true story-based Spanish course with real story lines and character development, so you become truly immersed and almost addicted to learning Spanish.

That means the dialogues go beyond what you'd usually see in a beginner course ("Hola. Mucho gusto. etc") and they might be a bit challenging when you're a total beginner.

That's why we decided to give you a "Spanish Foundations" course as well.

This is a true beginner course, set up around the same chunking principles, with dialogues, flashcards etc, but made for complete beginners or intermediate/advanced students who want to get a refresher of the basics.

Make no mistake: this is a fully-fledged course with tons of dialogues and monologues. It's actually the beginner level of our Spring Spanish Challenge, which used to be our flagship course.

Up until a while ago, it sold on our website for $297 -- but you get access to it for free now as part of your enrolment in Los cazadores de tormentas!

BONUS #2: Inevitable Language Learning Routine Masterclass

Let's be honest: sometimes we're all just lazy and don't want to do the work to get results. But if you want to speak fluent Spanish, you're going to have to USE this course. And this masterclass will make sure you do just that. 

In this Masterclass, you'll set up a routine that helps you stay consistent with your study work in the Challenge, but a big part of what we do in this masterclass is unlocking HIDDEN HOURS every day where you could be getting FUN INPUT in Spanish… WITHOUT having to make extra time! 

Just think about how many chunks you can discover and how much your listening comprehension will improve if you're exposed to Spanish 1 or 2 extra hours a day!

BONUS #3: Memory Masterclass: Secrets From A Conference Interpreter To Imprint Spanish On Your Brain

In this masterclass, we've bundled some amazing techniques to make it easier to memorize Spanish chunks and also memorize just about anything in your life.

This masterclass is hosted by Spring Spanish co-founder Lukas Van Vyve, a trained conference interpreter. 

You'll discover how you can implement techniques like visualization, dialogue hooks, imagery, mnemonics, memory palaces and much more to really imprint Spanish chunks on your brain.

Bonus #4 (BLACK FRIDAY ONLY): Spring Spanish Inner Circle: 1 Month Free Access

When you enroll in Los cazadores de tormentas , you'll get 1 month of free access to the Spring Spanish Inner Circle, which gives you 

  • Transcripts and flashcard decks for all our lessons on YouTube (300 and counting)
  • Exclusive access to “virtual coffee dates” with our YouTubers to get to know them and practice your Spanish
  • Mini-Courses so you can watch a series of videos on a specific vocab or grammar topic and truly master that topic
  • Writing corrections by our Academy tutors so you get feedback and can learn from your mistakes
  • Voting rights on which videos we create for the Spring Spanish YouTube Channel!

Ready to get started? It's risk-free...

Again, you can try it out for 21 days and if you don't make the progress you expected, you send us a message within those 21 days and you get a full refund.

One More Thing...

If you’re serious about learning Spanish – and you want to feel confident and in control about the whole process…

…If you want to become a Spanish learner who knows what they're doing…

…Who says: “I’m going to learn Spanish” and then actually does that in the fastest and most efficient way…

…Then there is no better path than through this Spring Spanish Challenge.

Look at what Joy, a former student in our courses, has to say about Conversation Based Chunking:

Why am I showing you this?

Well, because yes, you could continue with what you were doing and keep struggling.

But we also know that if you’ve made it to this point, that you love the Spanish language and that you're absolutely ready to take it to the next level.

There’s no need to be overwhelmed by your language learning a single day longer.

There's no need to continue fiddling around because you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

There's no need to be frustrated and overwhelmed because you’re not making any progress…

We know effortless conversations in Spanish are possible for you.

So here's my final question for you:

Are you ready to become a chunk chaser and finally master Spanish?

Then let us (and our story characters) guide you on that journey!